Welcome to Pi Capital

Pi Capital brings together business, academic, entrepreneurial and political leaders from around the world. Our members have diverse backgrounds and expertise but share similar values. They also have a desire to learn, meet people from different fields, exchange ideas and opinions, and explore business, investment and philanthropic opportunities.

The focus of our unique organisation is a series of events in London throughout the year where our members are invited to engage in debate with an eminent guest speaker. Past guests include six Nobel Prize winners, three US presidents, two heads of state and an archbishop as well as leading commentators from the fields of economics, finance, politics, media and technology.

We build on this events programme by taking our members on bespoke investor field trips to regions experiencing rapid economic change, such as Brazil, China and India. These delegations facilitate access to the highest levels of local government and business communities.

Members and third parties also leverage the power of our network through our bespoke consulting and advisory services in order to help solve today’s most pressing business challenges.

Pi Capital is an invitation only club.


David Giampaolo
Chief Executive