Tuesday 11 June 2019


How to look after our most precious resource

Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, Co-Founders of meditation and mindfulness app, Headspace

When advertising industry executive, Rich Pierson met Andy Puddicombe, an ordained Buddhist monk, recently returned from Tibet, they agreed to do a skills swap. Rich wanted to find a more peaceful, fulfilling path and Andy wanted to share his life-affirming learnings with the world, so Andy taught Rich meditation, while Rich educated Andy on the essentials of brand development and marketing.

Together they created a vision for bringing  meditation to people everywhere. Headspace now reaches a community of more than 45 million members in 190 countries, and continues to pursue its mission of improving happiness and health around the world.

At this event the two co-founders will talk about their journey, their goals and why what they do is so important for us all.

The breakfast will be held on site at the CogX festival in the Kings Cross/Granary Square area. Those attending will have full access to the day’s events at CogX.

Rich Pierson

While still his twenties, Rich was already a highly successful advertising industry executive, serving as the head of business development for powerhouse creative agency BBH. The unrelenting stress and pressure of the ad business, however, caused Rich to abandon his lucrative, yet anxiety­ producing career trajectory to study acupuncture. Then he met Andy.

Andy Puddicombe

In his early twenties, Andy was a typical student, midway through earning a Sports Science degree. When life took a series of sudden turns, he made the radical decision to give it all up and set off to Asia to become a Buddhist monk. Over the  next decade, Andy studied as a lay-person and novice monk in the traditions of South East Asia, and then took full ordination in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibet. This life-affirming journey led to another when Andy returned to the UK with just one goal in mind: to demystify meditation and make it accessible to all. After several years in private practice, he met Rich.

Headspace launched in 2010 as an events company; the Headspace app followed two years later. In 2017, Fast Company identified Headspace as being among The World's Most lnnovative Companies.