Thursday 7 March 2019


Dr. Tara Swart

Open your mind, change your life

Most of the things we want from life are governed by our ability to think, feel and act – in other words, our brain.

In her new book, The Source, Tara Swart presents a guide to life that combines science and spirituality in a way that is open-minded and practical. She provides four steps and various exercises to wake up your brain and unlock its full potential. Her methods include using visualisation techniques, trusting the value of intuition and finding ways to rewire your neural pathways to make lasting changes in behaviour.

Dr. Tara Swart

Tara is a medical doctor, neuroscientist and executive coach. She holds a BSc in Biomedical Science and a PhD in Neuropharmacology from King’s College, London, and a medical degree from Oxford University.

She is now a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan and King’s College and also teaches at Oxford’s Said Business School.

She works with leaders all over the world to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, and thereby improve their ability to manage stress, regulate their emotions and think outside the box.

Photograph by Clara Molden

"Dr. Tara Swart has become one of the most prominent voices in the field of neuroscience..."

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